Project Description

Approved Large Packaging

In Adrexplo we are a benchmark in approved packaging.

We also work with the 50G Large Packaging type.

This type of “Large Package” consists of an outer package containing objects or inner packages and which:

(a) is designed for mechanical handling;
(b) has a net mass of more than 400 kg or a capacity of more than 450 litres, but does not exceed 3 m3 in volume.

Technical Specialist Department

Accompanies our clients throughout the process to develop and find packaging that meets the necessary requirements. We call you.

Protections and Positioners

The Approved large packaging is compatible with positioners adapted to the product, in order to guarantee the correct transport of the goods and also to ensure:

*The chosen positioning system follows the ADR regulation that stipulates the conditions
of the packaging entrusted for the transport of dangerous goods.

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