Specialising in the manufacture of approved packaging for dangerous goods since 1998

Thanks to our specialisation, we have a wide range of products for transporting dangerous goods by road, rail, air and sea.

We are characterised as an agile company, with experience that gives support to all its clients. We have a team of specialised professionals, both for technical advice on packaging and for designing and developing tailor-made products.
We manufacture safe and high quality packaging. We currently specialise in packaging for explosives, pyrotechnics, the chemical, bio-health and infectious materials industries, and large scale packaging.

 Adrexplo Team

We are a benchmark company in the manufacture of packaging for dangerous goods, do not hesitate to contact us and let our professionals advise you.

“To be able to test and certify our packaging we work together with various research centres and technological institutes such as ITENE or AIDIMME among others.

“For the certification of approvals we work with different ACBs (accredited certification bodies) such as TÜV ATISAE and SGS, to ensure production standards.”

“We are part of Associations such as Secartys where we actively participate in working groups and where we are a reference point as suppliers of approved packaging.”

All our products are updated every two years, certifying their safety level.

Alfilpack Packaging Solutions, suppliers of tailor-made multi-material packaging

We develop customised solutions to packaging problems for three main lines of business


Packaging for Engineering


E-commerce Packaging


Dangerous Goods


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