Adrexplo is part of Alfilpack, where we are specialists in the design and manufacture of industrial multilateral packaging solutions, tailored to the needs of the client.

The Heavy Duty packaging provides a solution when it comes to optimising spaces, eliminating empty holes, and packaging large products that need to guarantee their safety and improve the handling system.

  • Bulk Industry
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Chemical industry
  • Waste managers
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Packaging consisting of a bottom, an octagonal body and a lid.

The Octabin, is a container for the transport and storage of liquids or products in bulk, in powder or loose. It is ideal for storing large loads by weight or volume. The octagonal shape of this packaging gives it high resistance to the bulging of the package.

Foldable Box Pallet

Reusable packaging designed to contain all its parts in a small space, fully adapted to the dimensions of the pallet, so that it is stackable and minimises both transport and storage costs.

It consists of 4 pieces: Wooden, cardboard or plastic pallet. Foldable outer base.

Alfilpack Frustration Free Packaging Amazon Itene

High Resistance Pallet Box

Large packaging adapted to the pallet in which it will be transported. Designed to support high stacking loads. It can be reinforced with pillars that give it great capacity to support compression. The quality of the cardboard is adapted to each particular case.

Pallet Box

Large packaging adapted to the pallet in which it will be transported. It can be developed in cardboard or polypropylene, in any size or quality. We also offer the possibility of filling its interior space in order to guarantee the safety and stability of the transported goods

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