Pyrotechnics and explosives industry

We are leaders in the national market as manufacturers of approved packaging for dangerous goods for fireworks and pyrotechnics by land, sea and air.

We design and develop approved packaging for the Pyrotechnic Industry. We are national references, we work for more than 100 pyrotechnics throughout Europe. We have more than 40 approved references. We offer approved packaging that guarantees maximum protection and safety, adapting to the needs of our customers. Packaging for explosive and pyrotechnic products such as ammunition, pyrotechnic devices, manual signal pyrotechnic devices, explosive pyrotechnic assemblies, aerial flares, surface flares, signal firecrackers for railways, explosive rivets, distress signals, smoke signals, signaling cartridges , explosive pyrotechnic shears … We offer Outer packaging for pyrotechnic and explosive articles.

We work with the leading companies in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

We are experts in making special packaging for explosives in order to improve the classification for transport, thus obtaining logistical advantages.

Packaging for explosives requires that the combination packaging is approved, prevents leakage and does not increase the risk of combustion initiation by thermal changes. They must be easy to handle and resistant to avoid risks due to instability in stacking. To this end, we offer the best solution for the type of explosive material or object contained in the packaging.

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The hazardous characteristics by which they are identified as dangerous goods are those materials that demonstrate a wide range of properties and effects such as:

  • Mass detonation
  • Projection of fragments
  • Fires/heat fluxes
  • Formation of intense glow
  • Loud noise or smoke
  • Sensitive to shocks and/or impacts and/or heat
  • Etc.

Technical Specialist Department

Accompanies our clients throughout the process to develop and find packaging that meets the necessary requirements. We call you.

Alfilpack Frustration Free Packaging Amazon Itene

We have a wide range of more than 40 approved benchmarks.

With regulations applicable to ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, IATA, OACI.

Protections and Positioners

The 4GV approved packaging is compatible with positioners adapted to the product, in order to guarantee the correct transport of the goods and also to ensure:

*The chosen positioning system follows the ADR regulation that stipulates the conditions
of the packaging entrusted for the transport of dangerous goods.

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