En Alfilpack desarrollamos y fabricamos embalaje homologado exterior, gestionamos una oferta completa ofreciéndole los siguientes productos.

Heavy Duty packaging provides a solution when you want to optimise space, eliminate empty spaces, and pack large products that need to be safe and improve the handling system.

Alfilpack Frustration Free Packaging Amazon Itene

Plastic Bags

They are a type of primary packaging that functions as a complementary element. Some of the boxes approved for the transport of dangerous goods need to additionally fill the goods with plastic bags to ensure the containment of risky substances.

These bags serve as a protection and barrier for the product to ensure the safety of the product and the environment

Applicable regulations: ADR-RID, IMDG, IATA-OACI.


Vermiculite is used as an absorbent inner packaging material for the protection of containers containing dangerous goods.

It is lightweight, sterile and non-flammable, making it very suitable as a filling material for packaging containing hazardous liquids. It is used especially with laboratory samples as it protects the bottles and absorbs up to four times its own weight.

It must be used by following the indicated preventive measures, such as the use of a mask, safety glasses, leather gloves and protective clothing to ensure personal safety and avoid any type of irritation that may be caused by the dust.

Alfilpack Frustration Free Packaging Amazon Itene
Alfilpack Frustration Free Packaging Amazon Itene

Filling material

The inner packaging of any bag containing dangerous goods must be packed, secured and cushioned in such a way that, under normal conditions of transport, they cannot be ruptured, punctured or leak into the outer packaging. The purpose is to fill the empty spaces and prevent any appreciable movement of the inner packaging either with:

  • PACKING PEANUTS: Bag of Expanded Polystyrene Peanuts
  • BUBBLE WRAP: Plastic Bubble Wrap.
  • CARDBOARD: Corrugated Cardboard
  • FILM: Plastic Film

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