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4GV approved packaging

4GV boxes are authorised to contain any type of dangerous goods inside, except radioactive ones.

Class 7 with any type of inner packaging for dangerous goods, as long as the maximum weight determined and the applicable regulations are met.

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This type of packaging contemplates the most dangerous scenarios, which may result in the need to oversize the packaging. They must be provided with absorbent substances inside, a type of packaging that will secure the product whilst being transported.

They are obliged to include the UN code on the outside which classifies the contents as dangerous followed by the necessary distinctions as to the type of dangerous goods, the material of the container and its needs, the degree of risk, the orientation of the product and its physical needs.

Maximum gross weight: 6,5 kg y 20 kg.
Classes authorised: All classes except class 7 (radioactive).
Normativa aplicable: ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, IATA-OACI
Approval No: H-1346 H-1332

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Protections and Positioners

The 4GV approved packaging is compatible with positioners adapted to the product, in order to guarantee the correct transport of the goods and also to ensure:

*The chosen positioning system follows the ADR regulation that stipulates the conditions
of the packaging entrusted for the transport of dangerous goods.

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